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Aesthetic Containment. Protecting Nature's Habitat.

Aesthetic Containment

The Hid-A-Bag is manufactured from galvanneal steel, which is more resistant to scratching and damage during manufacturing, with stainless steel hinges to resist corrosion. The container is primed and painted with powder coat for a thick, dense finish, which is more durable and long lasting than liquid paint, and riveted together to maximize service life. Optional aesthetic finishes include recycled poly wood siding and vinyl graphics wrap.

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The Hid-A-Bag is simple to use and virtually maintenance-free. The top hinge loading door is self-closing, with a gravity latch on BearTight models.

The unloading door is side hinge with a locking prop for safety and the hinged bag cage minimizes lifting and keeps bags securely in place.


The Hid-A-Bag is available as a Single, Double, and Triple compartment unit with multiple lid combinations to accept waste, recycling, and organics refuse materials. The optional Hid-A-Bin plastic liner makes for easier collection of organics and recyclables while saving countless bags from the landfill.

The unloading door is side hinge with a locking prop for safety and the hinged bag cage minimizes lifting and keeps bags securely in place.

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Protecting Nature

Beyond aesthetics and the aforementioned utility, the Hid-A-Bag is a true protector of nature. Standard models resist entry from most critters and wildlife such as racoons, squirrels, skunks, and other rodents. For proven performance BearTight models will keep most any type of animal out while still being user-friendly to humans.

Standard and Mini Hid-A-Bag BearTight models have been certified bear resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) following successful testing at the Grizzly Wolf & Discovery Center (GWDC) in West Yellowstone, Montana.

All Hid-A-Bag models can be made BearTight with our proven bear proof latch and concrete mounting pad.

Standard Features

  • Galvanneal Steel Pannels

  • Powder Coated One Standard Color

  • Hinged Bag Frame for Easy Removal

  • Water Deflection Plate

  • Self-closing User Door

  • Side-Hinged Unloading Door W/ Gravity Latch

  • ADA Complaint per Install Spec

  • IGBC Bear Resistant Certified (BearTight Models)

Optional Features

  • Accessible Side-Hing User Door

  • Recycling Restrictor Plate

  • Recycling Hood (5 or 8 Inch Opening)

  • Decorative Poly Wood Siding

  • Vinyl Graphics Wrap

  • Pitch In Logo Decal

  • Recycle Logo Decal

  • Key Slot Lock on Unload Door

  • Cylindrical Key Lock #200

  • Hid-A-Bin Plastic Liner

  • Stainless Steel Ash Bin

  • Concrete Mounting Pad


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