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Family-Owned Poynette Ironworks in the Midwest's largest and most reliable manufacturer of large-scale, heavy-duty manufactured steel products. 

We specialize in refuse and recycling for residential, commercial and construction and industrial applications. 

Front Load

True to Gauge
10 Gauge x 2"H x 4"W Structural Bottom Channel Runs Side to Side.
Prime 12 Gauge Body & Floor Panels

Rear Load

True to Gauge
Three 1-1/2"H x 3"W Structural Bottom Channels on 4yds & Larger
Prime 12 Gauge Body & Floor Panels


3/16" Floor
Capacity Determined  by Length
12 Gauge Sides, Front, Door & 
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SDH, Carts & Bins

10 Gauge Steel Construction
3-1/2"H x 8"W Fork Pockets
SDH's ~ Positive Locking Mechanism
Will Not Jump Off Track
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3/16" Floors, Capacity Determined By Length
12 Gauge Sides, Front, Door & Roof
Tapered Construction for Easier Dumping
3"x5"x3/16" Structural Tubing Used For Back Channel & Roof Supports
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