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Elgin Off-Season Program


This program is designed to benefit your operation.


It includes a detailed inspection of your Sweeper. We do an extensive check over and provide you with an estimate of the repairs needed to get your Sweeper running in tip top condition.

There are two ways that we do these inspections. This first option is we come to your location to perform the inspection, then provide you with the estimate. Upon approval of the estimate we schedule a time for a Transport Company to pick up your Sweeper. The Transport charges would be calculated and provided with the estimate. This inspection can be done at any time during the season. The second option is once your season is finished, we schedule a Transport Company to pick up your Sweeper and return to our Dealership. We then perform the inspection and provide you with the estimate. Once approved we begin the repairs right away. 


If you have a 4-wheel Sweeper we can arrange pick-up and delivery with one of our licensed drivers. 


We also offer a rental program for when your Sweeper is non-operational during your season.

If you are interested in our Off-Season Program, please Contact Us at your earliest convenience to book in your Sweeper.

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