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Zamboni Off-Season Service Program

This highly successful program has been extremely popular as it has been tailored to benefit all customers' operations. The program is designed to extend the life of the Zamboni; while looking like a new machine when returned to for the upcoming season. 


Fer-Marc's Off Season Zamboni Program includes a detailed inspection of the Zamboni. The program consists of routine check-ups as well as an extensive check over. Upon completion of the inspection we provide an estimate of the repairs needed to get your Zamboni running in "tip top" condition.


An Acid Wash finale is an option that will leave your Zamboni looking like new again.


The option for an emissions test is also available providing an indication whether your emissions are still within government regulations. A computerized report with these readings will be provided for your records.


There are two ways that Fer-Marc provides these inspections:


1.  A trained staff member comes to the customer's location to perform the inspection. They return the service report to our experienced service staff who will then provide the customer with a cost estimate. Upon approval of the estimate, an appointment time is arranged for a Fer-Marc representative to return to the customer's location to pick up the Zamboni for the repairs to be performed at our top of the line service department. Once completed the serviced Zamboni is returned to the customer. This inspection can be performed at any time during the season.


2. The second option is once the customers' season is completed, a Fer-Marc representative will pick up the Zamboni and return to our up to date service department. A trained technician will then perform the inspection as well as routine check ups. Once the inspection is complete an estimate report will be provided; once approved the repairs will be performed. After completion of repairs the serviced Zamboni is returned ready to hit the ice for the new season. 


With option two, only one trip is required thus reducing time and mileage expense while still providing the same quality service.


In both cases, the Zamboni starts the next season as a well-maintained machine, decreasing downtime and extending the life of the Zamboni.


It is important to note that Fer-Marc offers a Rental program for when a Zamboni is non-operational during the busy season, should this need ever arise.

Start the new season off with the piece-of-mind knowing that your Zamboni has been thoroughly inspected and is ready to hit the ice after the off-season. 


Please Contact Us at your earliest convenience to book your appointment. 

Fer-Marc Equipment Zamboni Off Seson Program
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Zamboni Off-Season Acid Wash

Our Off-Season Acid Wash has become quite popular. An Acid Wash removes the build up of hard water and breaks down other corrosion's built up on the paint. If you use your Zamboni to remove the ice once you season is over you will notice the white paint from the ice on your Zamboni. An Acid Wash will remove this. This option renews the look of your Zamboni and extends the life of the paint.


Some before and after pictures from customers who have used our Acid Wash option.

Acid Wash Before


Acid Wash Before


Acid Wash After


Acid Wash After


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