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100 % Electric Automated Collection Bodies & Arms

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BEV Series Components


Automatic Arm

  • Close grip, no outward deployment

  • 10 Ft reach for 30, 60 and 90 gallon bins

  • Lifting capacity of 750 Lbs

  • 10 Second cycle time

  • 3 Functions driven by PMDC electric motors and various gearbox assemblies

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Auger Compaction

  • 6 Cu.Yd/Min drive by unique planetary mechanism design to maximize compaction and develop 22,600 Ft/Lbs torque on refuse.

  • Automatic torque and speed control allow the collection of garbage, recycling material and organics without destroying the material and avoiding packing jams.

  • Tapered screw allows 3-phases compaction of the material, radial compaction and axial compaction into the auger area followed by the final compaction phase inside the body. 



  • LiNMC high-density technology allows lightweight and quick recharge (4-8 hrs) on a Type 2 charging station.

  • 240 VAC compatible J1772.

  • Powered heat pads are installed in the battery pack to maintain the battery at its best working condition and temperature.

packthrough eject pannel.jpg

Packthrough Eject Panel

  • Compaction through the front wall of the hopper.

  • Discharge with an ejector panel driven by a PMCD motor, planetary gear and chains.

  • Prevention of waste backflow behind the ejector during unloading with a moving shutter that closes the compaction opening.



  • Capacities

    • 20 - 30 Cubic Yards​



  • Engine required to a diesel chassis can be lowered to 300HP due to the autonomous operation of the hopper and its battery pack.

  • With a diesel chassis, a fuel savings of 30-40% can be achieved.

  • For an electric chassis, our concept allows a full working day without recharging (route of +1000 stops).



  • Capacity of 0,3 and 6 cubic yards



  • 3 Cubic Yard Capacity

trough floor.jpg

Trough Type Hopper Floor

  • 3/8" Abrasion-resistant steel with a hardness of 400HB.

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