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Designed to be reliable, durable versatile

Epoke equipment lasts, requires minimum maintenance and suffers less down time. Essentially, their spreaders are engineered to be easily serviced workhorses.

Epoke's quality conscious culture goes back to its founder, Alfred Thomsen. It started with perfecting the spreading system, the delivery mechanism, then manufacturing, painting electronics, hydraulics, RD etc. They stand alone as one of the first organizations in the industry to achieve ISO certification back in the early 1990's. This process improved the quality of production, equipment and Epoke as an international leader. This high degree of efficiency directs proven uniform manufacturing processes, parts delivery and documentation for manuals, everything to ensure your complete satisfaction.  

Quality doesn't just happen; you benefit from their continuous commitment to developing the best possible spreaders. 

Towed Spreaders

Compact Size, Big Results!

towed spreader 3.jpg

Bulk Spreaders

Solutions for multiple roles. 

igloo 2300-2400.jpg
3800 ast.jpg
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