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One Machine Endless 

Product Modularity
Modularity is something that makes RAYMO truly unique. Basic tractor / tool carrier – Exchangeable mower decks – Swappable power cartridges (POWERSWAP system). All mower decks and power cartridges are compatible and can be changed anytime – now or in the future allowing you to get the latest upgrades and maximum flexibility. RAYMO takes modularity to a new level. Find out below how to configure RAYMO to best suit your job and what options you have in case your needs should change.
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Power Swap

Power Cartridges
Exchangeable Power Cartridges
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Would you benefit from a purely electric drive on some occasions and from engine drive on others? No problem at all. The POWERSWAP system enables you to change between fully electric and plug-in hybrid drive back and forth within a minute. How does POWERSWAP work? Raymo machines are equipped with a compartment that holds a power cartridge. This cartridge can either contain a battery pack for a fully electric operation or a plug-in hybrid set that allows you to choose between electric or engine power. This way you can for example mow in a purely electric mode in the early morning hours without excessive noise and start your engine later in the day finish off the work when noise regulations no longer apply. And that is not all. You can have back up cartridges ready (hybrid or electric - whatever suits your needs) and quickly change them during the day. It only takes a minute. This way you can get all the operating time you need. All battery packs were designed by RAYMO and hold high quality automotive grade cells. Extra warranty is provided for the batteries.


Electric or hybrid? Why not both?!

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Fully Electric

A fully electric POWERSWAP cartridge allows for a purely electric operation and no maintenance beside charging. The powerpacks are fitted with automotive grade cells that ensure long and reliable battery life. Detailed battery information can be accessed through an integrated full colour display. Fast and charging and super-fast charging options are also available.

The power cartridge is removable and exchangeable allowing you to work with another battery while you are charging. Enjoy hours and hours of clean and silent work. The fully electric and plug-in hybrid cartridge are interchangeable.

Plug-in Hybrid

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The plug-in hybrid cartridge consists of and internal combustion engine, electric generator and an electric powerpack. This combination gives you the maximum possible flexibility as you can choose between a fully electric or hybrid operation. Automotive grade battery cells and commercial Briggs & Stratton engine ensure robustness and reliability. The generator power output is automatically regulated based on the system needs and system conditions. The powerpack is removable as well as the whole power cartridge. The fully electric and plug-in hybrid cartridge are interchangeable.

Mower Decks

Mower Decks

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Do you need to mow sports pitches? Parks? Residential area or college campus? Steep and undulating terrains and slopes? Solar parks or other places with tall, rough and overgrown grass? Wildflower meadows or ecologically sensitive areas? Raymo can be configured to fit all these applications.


Just choose the right cutting deck!

Choose From 4 Types of Mower Decks
s46floruis sngdouble action.png
S46FLORIS (Single/Double Action
Main Carrier


Main Tractor/Tool Carrier
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The RAYMO TORPEDO platform is extremely low in height allowing you to access low clearance areas and has an outstanding climbing ability on steep slopes and in undulating terrain. The ZTR steering system in combination with 4WD delivers exceptional driving and manoeuvring properties. Remote control keeps you in a safe distance further reducing your exposure to noise, dust and vibration while you keep an eye on the surrounding environment. Not only can the TORPEDO tractor / carrier be fitted with various exchangeable mower decks, it can also be equipped with different power cartridges – fully electric or plug-in hybrid (POWERSWAP system).

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AT Wheels

Suitable for enhanced traction in challenging conditions (slopes, loose soil...) or when mowing with the sickle bar or the R48CRAFT rough cut deck. It dramatically increases the climbing ability and the performance of RAYMO in rough terrain.

Work Lights

LED work lights enable you to work at dusk or dawn or whenever the natural light isn't strong enough. Maximize your work time and safety in spring and autumn when the days are short!

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Fast or Super Fast Charger

Fast Charger - 25A fast charger provides almost 70% faster charging comparted to the standard charger

Super Fast Charger - 50A super fast charger provides over 3 times faster charging than the standard charger and twice as fast charging as the optional fast charger.

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