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Versatility is our middle name

Top 10 Applications
Sports fields? Parks? Residential area or college campus? Rough, steep and undulating terrains and slopes? Solar farms or other low clearance area? Wildflower meadows or ecologically sensitive areas? Raymo can be configured to fit all these applications.
1. Eco Sensitive Grounds
Zero emissions. No fluid leaks. Light weight. Minimum noise. Remote control operation. Low soil pressure. Biodiversity-friendly mower decks. RAYMO might just be the mist eco-friendly mowing solution you can find.
2. Municipal Aplpications
The variety of RAYMO mower decks correlates with the variety of municipal mowing applications. Mulching? Rear discharge? Cut and drop? Nicely manicured areas as well as wildflower lawns? RAYMO can deliver a solution for these applications.
3. Slopes and Embankments
4-Wheel-Drive together with an extremely compact design and a low centre of gravity make RAYMO a great tool for mowing on banks. Equip your machine with All-Terrain tyres for the best result. High climbing ability and even higher stability - that is what makes RAYMO so safe even on steep slopes.
4. Cemeteries
Compact design, high manoeuvrability, fine quality of cut and - most of all - silent operation predestine RAYMO to be a great mowing solution for cemeteries and any other area where peace and quiet of high values.
5. Noise Regulated Areas
Do you need to start your mowing job in the early morning hours or finish late at night? Or do you mow during school hours? Near hospitals? On a golf course during a day? Or anyhwere on a weekend? Being just 100ft away from the mower you can hardly hear any noise. Sounds great, doesn't it?
6. Wildflower Meadows
Planting wildflower lawns isn't only about aesthetics. It enhances biodiversity, keeps the bees happy, retains soil moisture and yes, it also looks good. RAYMO gives you the tools to safely and efficiently mow these areas while perserving the wildlife.
7. Low Clearance Spaces
Struggle mowing under benches, trampolines, tree branches, solar panels? RAYMO can help you eliminate difficult manual strimming as it is only 50cm / 20in tall and can get into place where no other equipment can.
8. Sports Fields & Playgrounds
Fine-cut mower decks and silent, emission-free operation make RAYMO a perfect fit for sports fields, playgrounds or university campuses. 
9. Energy Parks / Solar Farms
Solar parks is where RAYMO feels truly at home. Super low height, remote control operation, ability to mow tall and overgrown grass with ease, fully electric operation... RAYMO is the ideal solution for utility scale solar farms. 
10. Vegetation Control
Vegetation control, mowing of overgown grass and rough areas is a piece of cake for RAYMO. The R48CRAFT deck was designed specifically for rough cut applications.
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