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Clean and silent
power for our green future

Top 6 Benefits
RAYMO tackles some of the most significant issues the landscaping industry faces now a days - noise, emissions, operator safety, vibration, slope maintenance and operating/maintenance costs. Find out why RAYMO might be the perfect fit for you.
1. Modularity
RAYMO - that is modularity at its best, swap power cartridges and mower decks as needed. Customize the mower to fit your today's job!

One machine, multiple configurations, endless possibilities
2. Operating Cost
It costs almost nothing to run a RAYMO mower. Fully electric operation, minimum maintenance, exceptional power management and energy efficiency.
3. Environment Protection
RAYMO protects the world from noise and emissions - silent operation and no gas fumes. Ecological insect- and wildflower friendly sickle mower is also available.
4. Maintenance
RAYMO is nearly maintenance free. Sharpen your blades, do basic cleaning and lubrication.
That is it. No belts, no hydraulics, no engine oil, no air filters.

Spend more time mowing, less time in a workshop
5. Slope Operation
Oh yes, RAYMO can climb steep slopes. Extremely low center of gravity and 4-wheel drive allow RAYMO to tackle banks and undulations. RAYMO is so compact and low that there is no risk of the machine rolling over. Get the high grip AT wheels for enhanced traction on the slopes.

Work Safely, let the mower climb the slopes!
6. Low Profile
How low does your mower go? RAYMO is only 12 inches tall so it handles solar panels, branches and other low clearance spaces with ease. RAYMO is a fantastic tool for vegetation management at solar parks.
Avoid manual strimming work, let RAYMO get to the difficult places.
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