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Haul All Hid-A-Meal
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Bear Resistant Food Storage. Share Wilderness Safely.

Quality Construction for Every Application

The Hid-A-Meal is manufactured in the same way as our Hid-A-Bag container. Built from galvanneal steel panels with stainless steel hinges and hardware for strength and unmatched rust resistance. The container is further protected by powder paint, for a long-lasting coating which provides unbeatable impact resistance, and riveted instead of welded to maximize service life.

Sturdy construction, bear proof latches and padlock hasps eliminate animal access. Optional concrete mounting pads with our proven anchoring system prevents the container from being tipped or moved.

The Hid-A-Meal Series includes four food storage locker designs. The Trailhead, Campsite, Cabinet, and Cache.


The Trailhead

The Trailhead is a modular two-compartment design with a frame stand to keep the units up off the ground, away from animals and insects. Each two compartment locker has a capacity of 14 cubic feet (396 litres) and features a padlock pin to allow users to lock their food and valuables.

The Campsite

The Campsite is a single compartment unit availabie in two sizes: 14 cubic feet (396 litres) and 21 cubic feet (595 litres). The larger unit is available in a single or double door design, while the smaller is single door only. Both units can be ordered with the optional foot pedal, allowing the door to be opened hands-free. Other options include interior folding shelf and exterior laser cut panels or poly wood siding.


The Cabinet


The Cabinet is a high volume design intended for central locations like campground cook shelters. Available with two, four, or six compartments, multiple units can be placed side-by-side and/or back-to-back to maximize capacity and minimize footprint. Each compartment has a capacity of 20 cubic feet (566 litres) and can be ordered with an interior folding shelf.


The Cache


The Cache accomodates the highest volume of the Hid-A-Meal line and is available as a single or double unit. Two rows of shelves line the inside walls of each unit, like a wilderness pantry of sorts. To save on freight costs, the Cache ships knocked-down to be assembled on site.


Standard Features

  • Galvanneal Steel Pannels

  • Power Coated One Standard Color

  • Controlled Access

  • Animal Resistant

Optional Features

  • Concrete Mounting Pad

  • Optional Trailhead Sizes:

    • Trailhead 2 (396 L / 14 Cu. Ft.)​

    • Trailhead 4 (792 L / 28 Cu. Ft.)

    • Trailhead 6 (1,188 L / 42 Cu. Ft.)

    • Trailhead 8 (1,584 L / 56 Cu. Ft.)

    • Trailhead 10 (1,980 L / 70 Cu. Ft.)

  • Optional Campsite Sizes:

    • Campsite 14 (396 L / 14 Cu. Ft.​)

    • Campsite 21 (595 L / 21 Cu. Ft.)

    • Campsite 21 Wide (595 L / 21 Cu. Ft.)

  • Optional Cabinet Sizes:

    • Cabinet 2 (1,132 L / 40 Cu. Ft.)

    • Cabinet 4 (2,264 L / 80 Cu. Ft.)

    • Cabinet 6 (3,398 L / 120 Cu. Ft.)

  • Cache (11 Cu. M. / 14.5 Cu. Yd.)


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