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Haul-All Sentinal
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The Guardian. High Volume, Low Footprint.

Gold Medal Design

Requested by the 2010 Winter Olympic Committee, the Sentinal is a riveted assembly manufactured from powder coated galvanneal steel (or optional stainless steel) with stainless steel hinges to ensure extended durability.

The front load, front unload design allows the Sentinal to be placed against the front of buildings. The collection chutes are intuitive, self-closing, and simple to use. The hinged bag cage (or optional plastic liner) and front unload doors make the container easy to service.

The Sentinal is an animal proof container designed to prevent access to the garbage within by all types of wildlife including racoons, squirrels, skunks, and other rodents. The Sentinel has also been certified bear resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) following successful testing at the Grizzly Wolf & Discovery Center (GWDC) in West Yellowstone, Montana.


Standard Features

  • Galvanneal Steel Pannels

  • Power Coated One Standard Color

  • Controlled Access

  • Self-closing User Doors

  • Front Load & Unload Doors

  • Hinged Bag Frame for Easy Removal

  • IGBC Bear Resistant Certified (BearTight Models)

Optional Features

  • Stainless Steel Upgrade

  • Recycling Restrictor Plate (Integrated Design)

  • Vinyl Graphics Wrap

  • Pitch In Logo Decal

  • Recycle Logo Decal

  • Key Slot Lock on Unload Door

  • Plastic Liner

  • Stainless Steel Ash Bin

  • Concrete Mounting Pad

  • Available in Two Sizes:

    • Sentinal OB70 (265 L / 70 US Gallons​)

    • Sentinal OB125 (470 L / 125 US Gallons)


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