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Zamboni - Benefits - Going Electric
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The Benefits of Going Electric With Zamboni

Savings from one tank a day of LPG alone can be thousands of $$$$ a year.


* Based on assessment of a Canadian municipal facility, calculating their daily LPG costs vs. costs to power electric Zamboni Model 552 at local energy rate.

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Low Maintenance, No Tune-ups.

A/C motors are virtually maintenance free.

The significant savings in fuel and maintenance costs mat offset the inital investment in the electric equipment within the first few years of ownership.

Individual results may vary

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Clean Air. Clean Ice.

Reduce strain on your building's ventilation system.


Save money and energy, and provides peace of mind.

**Estimated emissions output from current model 526 engine at 2500 epm calculated using 1267 cu. ft. of emissions x 15 daily resurfacings.

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