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Zamboni 446
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Power with Exceptional Maneuverability

The powerful high-output compact engine introduces a new era of fuel efficiency, providing significant savings and a cleaner arena environment.


Product Video

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Powerful and Efficient

The efficient 2.4 L engine of the Model 446 can be configured to accommodate gasoline, propane or CNG fuel. On-board diagnostics with programmed oil change and maintenance interval notifications provide engine performance data and technical information on the go.

The hydrostatic transmission affords unmatched power at any speed. The efficient double pump delivers full power and speed to the augers, even while the machine slows for corners. Continuously variable hydrostatic pump and motor are axial-piston type, resulting in superior on-ice power with maximum drawbar pull. Full hydrodynamic braking for additional efficiency.

The compact high output engine combined with the legendary power and efficiencies of the Zamboni hydrostatic transmission provide industry-leading fuel savings, the lowest emissions and a cleaner arena environment.

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Robust Drivetrain and Hydraulics

Fifty years ago, Zamboni introduced four-wheel drive machines with an innovative hydrostatic transmission. In the decades since, we’ve proven our position as the industry’s most reliable and efficient ice resurfacing machine.

The Model 446 features four-wheel drive with rugged Dana Spicer® axles. Its powerful double pump for the vertical and horizontal augers delivers strong conveyor performance. The machine’s hydraulic down pressure is unmatched, providing superior shaving results. With a compact wheelbase, the Model 446 enjoys a tighter turning radius, optimizing maneuverability. Its smaller footprint does not compromise the capacities afforded by the larger machines, with strong snow compaction and water tanks to support an efficient operation.

The direct shaft driven “piggy-back” mount ensures trouble-free service. High quality 10 and 20 micron filters are easy to access. The hydraulic system provides optimum power and reduced energy consumption for smooth and consistent operation reinforcing our position as the proven performer with the most rugged drivetrain in the industry.

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Quality Construction

Designed for the tough demands of an ice arena. Our machines are built by hand. One at a time. By skilled craftsmen dedicated to building the highest quality products in an industry known to put equipment to the test.

Robust welded steel tubing chassis contributes to the sound construction of the machine. The ergonomically designed operator’s compartment has well-placed controls. Unique to the Model 446 is foot pedal directional control of the machine. The Model 446 is equipped with a safety feature stopping the machine if the operator’s foot leaves the accelerator pedal. Exceptional results from our unrivaled down pressure system which puts the power where you need it. Premium primer and paint, rust-free poly ice making water tank and stainless steel hardware afford corrosion resistance.

The Model 446 is capable of handling the formidable challenges of ice maintenance. Zamboni ice resurfacers have a well-deserved reputation for producing the finest sheet of ice, even after many years of use.

Nothing else is even close.

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Standard Features

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • 400 Micron Mesh Wash Water Deep Filter Bag

  • Catalytic Converter

  • Chassis: Strong All Welded Steel Tubing

  • Conditioner Safety Guards

  • Digital Training and Reference Materials

  • Engine: CAN Bus System

  • Engine: EPA and CARB Certified

  • Familiar Automobile-Style Foot Controls

  • Four-Wheel Drive

  • Fuel: Gasoline, Propane (CNG optional)

  • Full Hydrodynamic Braking

  • Guide Wheel

  • LED Headlights and Tail Light (for Off Ice Travel)

  • High Quality 10 and 20 Micron Filters

  • High Speed Vertical Auger

  • Hydraulic Oil Level Sight Gauge

  • Load Sensing Engine Governor

  • Multi-Function Display

  • On-Dash Diagnostics

  • Parking Brake

  • Power Steering

  • Premium Polyester Felt Spreader Towel

  • Replaceable Poly Conditioner Side Plate

  • Rugged Dana Spicer® Axles

  • Snow Tank Safety Stand

  • Spare Tire and Wheel

  • Stainless Steel Hardware

  • Steering Wheel Spinner Knob

  • Touch-Up Paint Kit

  • Tungsten Carbide Studded Tires

  • Under Seat Storage

  • Wide Spectrum of Premium Automotive Paint Colors​


  • Automatic Snow Breaker

  • Back Up Alarm

  • Blade Change System

  • Chrome Wheels

  • Conditioner: Galvanized

  • Electric Water Level Gauge

  • Engine Diagnostic Computer Interface Tool

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Heated Ergonomic Comfort Design Sea

       • Armrest

       • Seatbelt

  • Hydraulic Oil Cooler Kit

  • IceCaps® Wheel Advertising System

  • Integrated Auger Washout System™

  • Level-Ice™

  • Low Fuel Light

  • Rotating Beacon Light

  • Side Snow Tank Dump

  • Snow Melting Kit

  • Snow Tank Dump Height Restriction

  • Snow Tank Light

  • Snow Tank Non-Stick Liner

  • Stainless Steel Water Distribution Pipe

  • Tire Wash System

  • Wash Water

  • Wash Water to Ice Making Water Transfer

  • Water Level Sight Gauge

  • Zamboni Connect™ System

  • Zamboni Power Board Brush™ System​

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