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Low Maintenance Nozzles. High Quality Results.

Ready to expand your expertise and maximize your jetter's performance? The Warthog WV easily navigates elbows and bends to clear obstructions and polish pipe walls. WV nozzles require minimal maintenance thanks to seal-free, bearing free design.

IDEAL FOR: 2-4 inch / 50-100 mm pipes | 1/4" or BSPP inlets


Warthog WV Classic

Cost Effective, rebuildable nozzles for cleaning small diameter pipes. The WV features revolutionary high-speed rotation and flow-through technology for consistent results.




Preconfigured nozzles for optimum performance in everyday routine jobs.

Customizable nozzles tuned for specific pulling, descaling or cutting needs on the job.

Highly specialized and rugged for elite performance on the most demanding jobs.

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"I need a trusted workhorse that's efficient for everyday jobs."

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" I need customized jetting that delivers precision power for my specific job." 

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" I need high performance and low maintenance to maximize productivity."

WV Classc

WV Classic

Pressure Range: 1200-5000 PSI / 85-350 BAR

Flow Range: 3-8 GPM / 11-30 L/MIN

Inlet Connection: 1/4" NPT . 1/4" BSPP

Drill patterns, A,B,C and D correspond to the following flow ranges

  • A : 7-8 GPM / 26-30 L/MIN

  • B : 5-6 GPM / 15-23 L/MIN

  • C : 4-4.5 GPM / 15-17 L/MIN

  • D : 3-3.5 GPM / 11-13 L/MIN


  • Jetted for an equal balance of pulling/flushing and cleaning/cutting

  • Head can be replaced when worn to keep the tool operating at peak performance

  • Head features a unique locking mechanism for added safety, head lock and replaced tool available in the WV Tool Kit

  • Without seals or bearings to service, took is low maintenance with easy-to-change head replacements

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WV Kits

There is one kits available to help you ensure the best possible for your WV Classic.

  • Overhaul Kit : Premium rebuild kit containing all replaceable components for this Warthog nozzle.

Please review the instructions in your user manual prior to servicing your nozzle. 

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Warthog Tool Kits

Warthog Tool Kits help you disassemble and re-assemble your tool to perform routine maintenance for the longest life possible. please review the instructions in your Warthog user manual before servicing your tool.

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