Etnyre Began

Edward D. Etnyre, 36, invented his first product, an automatic hog waterer for his own farm. The product lead to manufacturing horse and cattle water stock tanks.



E.D. Etnyre is Established

Through steady product improvement, the Thresher Tank and Water Sprinkler Wagon business flourishes and E.D. Etnyre & Co. is formally established. Manufacturing took place in a former battery factory on the bank of the Rock River in Oregon, Illinois. Cannon and Co., a Chicago supply house, handled the company's sales.

Expanded into a New Market

Etnyre established the Motor Car Company and built three "horseless carriages." Over the next several years, Etnyre produced 10 touring cars with pneumatic tires, four-speed transmission and overdrive.



Launched the Road Oiler

Etnyre launched the Road Oiler, which gave contactors a way to quickly and evenly spread oil, tar or asphalt across the roadways. The unit included a wheel driven (sprocket & chain) pump and a spray bar for proper product dispersion.

Marketing Worldwide

The Bituminous Distributor and Street Flusher were further improved and marketed worldwide. Etnyre products had earned a reputation for rugged dependability during the war and was quickly becoming the largest Bituminous Distributor manufacturer in the world.



Launched the Industry's First Positive Pressure Spray Bar

Etnyre launched the first spray bar with positive pressure circulation in addition to its pressure relieving manhole and the spray bar mounted nozzle shut-off valve. A new era of surface treatment begins.

Asphalt Production Began

Etnyre began manufacturing big, lightweight over-the-highway Transport Tanks.

1940 - 1945


Received an Award

Etnyre received the Army-Navy "E" Award, which was present to companies during World War II for excellence in producing equipment used during the war. Etynre devoted nearly 100 percent of its capabilities to supplying the Air Force, Army and Navy with Bituminous Distributors.

Took the Industry to New Heights

Etnyre introduced the first dependable constant bar height control, which optimized spray accuracy by maintaining a constant height above the road regardless of the amount of asphalt in the distributor tank.



Launched the Hydrostatic Distributor

Etnyre released its new Hydrostatic Distributor, which set a new standard for speed and accuracy of liquid applications.

Significantly Advanced Surface Treating Equipment

Etnyre began marketing its self-propelled ChipSpreader. Both the Chipspreader and Hydrostatic  Distributor are the first machines to give customers a truly mechanized chip sealing process that was faster and more accurate than traditional methods. 


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