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Crack Sealer


The Etynre Crack Sealer is one of the most efficient crack sealing machines available.  
The speed of heating and circulation systems result in less crew idle time, higher production and lower costs per shift on every sealing job.

Easy to Understand Controls


These units are equipped with both automatic and manual operating controls.

These machines are versatile enough to take on any job. In auto mode, you can simply select start, stop or cleanout functions with the push of a button. In manual mode, you get the control and custom functionality you have come to expect from an Etnyre. 

Efficient Heating and Use

The ECS 250/400 heating system is a closed loop, flow control, hot oil system that us heated by a high pressure diesel burner. The oil is circulated through the heating coils by a hot oil pump. This exclusive feature raises sealant temperature to application temperature in as little as (1) hour for most materials.

When not in use, the application hose stores in a heated storage cabinet. This prevents lost time on the job waiting for frozen sealant to heat.  The optional heated hose system has (6) heating elements that work to keep the sealant at the same temperature in the tank and at the end of the hose to prevent plugging. 

The ECS 250/400 are environmentally friendly and require no solvent flushing at the end of a shift. 


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