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Zamboni Connect
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Simplifies the Vertical and Horizontal Auger Washout Task

The Zamboni Integrated Auger Washout System™ simplifies the vertical and horizontal auger washout task, from a single point on the machine’s conditioner. Operators can select the single or dual auger washout, affording significant time savings and a safer washout process.


The direct water streams are designed to efficiently and thoroughly wash away snow and slush from the augers without having to lift the snow tank or to remove safety guards. The powerful top-down washout saves resources with its accurate distribution of water, targeting snow accumulated in the conditioner and vertical auger housing.

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Made with corrosion-resistant brass, stainless and aluminum parts, the Integrated Auger Washout System™ is built to stand the test of time, providing a safer and more efficient process.

The system is available on ALL new full sized resurfacers and can be purchased as a kit to install on any existing 500 Series machine.

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