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Game Changing Innovation for Exceptional Ice

The FastICE® system creates superior ice with a computer controlled high pressure pump for an even and accurate fine mist water application, resulting in significant savings of time and energy.


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Precise Water Distribution Control

A hydraulically-driven centrifugal water pump combined with a proportional hydraulic flow valve deliver exceptionally accurate control of water distribution at any speed. The addition of a board-spray valve enhances system performance. Electrically controlled valves support the upper and lower boom as well as the board-spray valve. The upper and lower booms can be controlled together or operated independently of each other. The operator can use the “blast” feature to apply water at the maximum application rate wherever needed. Sensors deliver data for ice making water flow, water pressure, spray volume, ground speed, ice making water level/usage and water temperature.

FastICE provides precise distribution of the water flow and water application rate, enabling improved control of the ice thickness which may result in significant savings of time and energy.

precise water dist.jpg

New Digital Console

The new digital console acts as your “mission control”, displaying information on the go, while recording and retaining FastICE resurfacing session data without the need for a laptop or programming tool. The displayed features can be monitored and controlled by the operator during operation and include: spray volume; ground speed; water flow and application rate scaling; water pressure; water temperature and total water used. A quick download of data to a USB is all it takes to retain and reference historical information. This FastICE System data can be used to generate detailed reports, which can be saved or printed.

new digital console.jpg

Sophisticated Capabilities + Ease of Operation

The operator can use the setup screen to select and set operational parameters of the control screen, including measurement unit system, preferred language and system shut-off speed. An automated shut-off prevents the hydraulically driven water pump from running dry, as it is interlocked to the water level sensor. A diagnostic screen provides system component and communication status, as well as operating system version information.


New Quick-Release System Mount

FastIce® Benefits

quick release.jpg

An innovative quick-release system mounts the system to the conditioner of the ice resurfacer. The quick-release system has been designed to remove easily for blade changes. Hardware has been updated to stainless steel components, enhancing durability.

Improved ice quality with exceptional clarity and a harder surface


Build ice fasterat higher temperatures, saving time and resources

ice cube.jpg

Less gasses trapped in the ice reduces the need for temperature adjusments

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