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Zamboni Blade Change Assistant
blade change assistant.jpg

Ensure the Safest Blade Changing Procedure

The Blade Changing Assistant allows the operator to complete a safe, quick and easy installation or removal process without touching the exposed blade.


Touch-Free Blade Changing

The Blade Changing Assistant (BCA) allows facility operators to perform a safe and simple blade installation/removal without touching the blade itself.

Magnetic handles secure the blade for movement from sheath to the BCA and back to the sheath. Operators do not need to make physical contact with the exposed blade.

blade change handles.jpg

Ease of Operation

Roll the BCA under the conditioner and position into place with telescoping handles that secure the unit to the conditioner. The adjustment button and bolt precisely align the BCA under the conditioner to further simplify blade installation / removal.

blade change 2.jpg
blade change 1.jpg

Convenient Bolt Access

The spring-loaded hex pin system holds the screws in place so the operator can loosen or tighten them from above, eliminating the need to work underneath the conditioner.

blade change 3.jpg
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