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Continuous use of a steering wheel may cause a stress injury to the operators’ shoulders. The preventive measure for this is VarioSteer developed by Wille Machines.

VarioSteer consists of two driving modes. You can choose between using the steering wheel or a lever. Fast steering wheel steering allows you to adjust the rotation speed of the steering wheel in a 5-step range. In this way you can adjust the steering speed as you find it comfortable to use.

In lever steering, instead of a steering wheel you use a lever which is situated on the arm rest on the left of the seat. The lever is a more ergonomic choice especially for repetitious tasks, such as the loading of snow, which requires a lot of back and forth movement from the machine and multiple loads and unloads from the work attachment. In coppice cutting, for example, you can adjust the lever steering to a more gentle speed in the same 5-step range and keep the travel line straight as long as is necessary. There is no longer the need to continuously make small corrective movements using the steering wheel.

For heavily repetitive work routines.

Wille’s VarioSteer is much more than just lever steering. In narrow spaces and in tasks requiring several turns, you can adjust the machine’s steering to be faster through the display located in the cabin of the machine. Owing to the adjustment, there is no need to turn the steering wheel to turn the machine as much as in normal situations. For example, when loading snow on a platform, you only need 1.5 rotations of the steering wheel compared to what formerly required 5.5 rotations. Thus, VarioSteer reduces the need to turn the steering wheel up to 70% compared to normal steering.


VarioSteer is available for Wille 865.

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