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Wille models 275, 375, 465, 665 and 865 have Automatic Eco Drive as standard equipment. It adjusts the engine RPM automatically to the area of the best utility ratio and so reduces fuel consumption and emissions as well as noise when no high rotation is needed for travelling between locations or work.

Automatic Eco Drive works in different ways at different driving speeds. The operator can select from the machine settings if this property is on at both high and slow speeds, or in only one of them. Automatic Eco Drive can, when necessary, also be fully turned off.

Decreases the fuel consumption, emissions, and noise when you do not need the maximum RPM for acceleration or hydraulics.

When the maximum speed is achieved, the automatic system slows down the engine RPM so that it is sufficient to keep the maximum driving speed. If the machine is driven uphill or in a terrain that puts extra load on the engine and the speed slows down by 3 km/h, the automatic system lifts up the engine’s RPM back to its maximum value until the maximum speed is achieved again.

Owing to the automatic RPM adjustment, fuel consumption and emissions are considerably lower. The consumption is markedly lower especially when travelling between locations. Automatic Eco Drive also adds to the operator’s driving comfort by reducing the noise that burdens the ears.

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