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Super Curbster

Narrow Lane Specialist. Goes Anywhere.

Goes Anywere.

The Super Curbster is a small body side loader in a class all its own! Dual steering, left and right side loading and short cab-to-axle requirement make it a Narrow Lane Specialist. Two body sizes are available in single or split, with semi- and fully-automated collection options.

Unitized hopper and packing design minimizes moving parts and maintenance cost. The smaller body Super Curbster can be mounted on a 19,500 lbs GVWR chassis, eliminating the requirement of a commercial driving license (no CDL).


Standard Features

  • PTO / Pump for Automatic Transmission

  • Loads From Both Sides

  • Double Acting Hoist C/W Safety Prop

  • Hydraulic Tailgate C/W Seal

  • Dual Rear Wheels W/ Plastic Fenders

  • Backup Alarm

Optional Features

  • Dual Stream 70 / 30 Split Body

  • Dual Stream 50 / 50 Split Body

  • Loading Bucket Flipper Plate for 50 / 50 Split Body

  • Semi-Automated Cart Dumper C/W Protective Shroud

  • Frame Mounted Ash Bin

  • Dual Steeing Control fro Ford F450 / F550

  • In-Cab Controls

  • Tool Holder(s)

  • Tailgate Mounted Traffic Director

  • Backup Sensor System

  • Color Rear-View Camera W/ 5 Inch LCD Screen


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