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NexGen Compaction Trailer

Efficient Routing & Payloading. Transfer Integration.

Transportation Efficiency


The NexGen Compaction Trailer combines with Haul-All Transtors to provide simple, low cost transfer with a minimum of loading labour, while eliminating loaders and rolling stock common in most transfer stations. When volumes are smaller, traditional transfer station concepts simply don't fit today's economics. The fully contained Transtor modular transfer units simplify permitting and provide leak proof, high speed loading.

The HCE Trailer system provides additional on-site, sealed and leak proof storage capacity as well as a high capacity transport system. The base system requires a single Transtor unit and one or more HC Series Compaction Trailers. Payloads from 18 to 28 tonnes are possible, depending upon local GVWR regulations.


Standard Features

  • Powered by Tractor PTO

  • Hardox Steel Walls & Floors

  • Hydraulic Roof Opening W/ Side Gaurds

  • Hydraulic Lid Locks

  • High-End Sauer Sunstrand Hydraulic Valve

  • Radio Remote W/ 30 Metre (100Ft.) Radius

  • Specialized Bullnose Ram

  • High Speed Eject

Optional Features

  • Powered by On-board Diesel Engine

  • Programmable Auto-Pack System

  • Hydraulic Tailgate


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