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Bear Resistant Front Load Protection. Eliminate Food Sources.

BearTight Protection

Front load protection from the most reliable and experienced company in the industry. 36 inch low loading height and auto release unloading door. Available in Front Load/ Rear Unload or Front Load/ Front Unload configurations.

The CFL6 is manufactured from galvanneal steel panels for strength and unmatched rust resistance. The container is further protected by powder paint, and optional armorthane coating, which provide unbeatable impact resistance.

Sturdy construction, bear proof latches on loading doors, and fork-actuated release on unloading door eliminate access to dumpster-diving bears and other critters. The CFL6 is a dumpster like no other.


Standard Features

  • Galvanneal Steel Pannels

  • Power Coated One Standard Color

  • Controlled Acess

  • Animal Resistant

Optional Features

  • Restrictor Plate

  • Side Hinge Load Door

  • Armorthane Coating

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